Work Experience Diaries!

Part Three: Seren Books

So we’ve now come to the hard part, my unpaid placements. I spent a lot of time thinking about whether I wanted to work for free, there’s the ethics of the whole thing and the fact that I’d have to use my paid leave to do it; but I decided if it was local and travel wasn’t too expensive then I’d take it; so I started applying to few of my local Welsh publishing houses!

Seren was the first publishing house that I got response from, and it was only a ten minute drive from where I live, so I accepted it instantly even though it was unpaid. I worked there for just two weeks, and I kept working my paid job on the weekends to keep my bank account topped up. It was hard but it meant I could continue learning about the publishing industry and it was definitely worth it.

Seren Books is a small independent publishing house that publishes some incredible literature and poetry from English-language Welsh authors, it’s run out of  a little office in my home town and gave me the opportunity to snag some much needed experience post-Vintage. It was a great opportunity and I had so much fun working with such a lovely team, and it gave me some much needed experience with proof reading and editorial.

One of the best things about working with a smaller local publishing house was how quickly they get you involved in everything! I got to dip my toe into so many different aspects of their business, and really chat with them about the publishing industry and Seren as a whole. Another perk was the fact that I really got to get involved with a project, I wasn’t just mailing things out, I was typesetting and giving my opinion on books they were thinking about taking on; it was absolutely wonderful, and I felt like I was really contributing!

I couldn’t have asked for a better placement after Vintage. I really felt like I was moving forward, and learning more and more about the inner workings of the publishing industry!

Seren’s Website:Β Look at their pretty books!
Seren’s Twitter:Β See all their lovely tweets!

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