My First Month in Publishing.

I really want to keep you updated when it comes to my life in publishing! Whether it’s talking about how much I love it, or the fact that this job is driving me up the wall I want to talk about it. So to do that I’m going to be bringing you some updates as I settle into my marketing assistant role, and hopefully, give you guys an insight into an entry-level role in this industry.

So far it’s been pretty great over here in Oxford. They’ve been easing me into the role gently, and it’s been rather lovely considering my previous jobs all threw you right into the action. I’ll admit I do find the gentle approach harder, I like to be busy at work, but I know I should savour this moment because the pace is definitely going to pick up.
The first week ended up feeling a little intense though because my introverted butt had to meet so many new people, it was a whirlwind of introductions and a little overwhelming but everyone was so kind to me.

One of the things I’ve realised since starting is publishing has way too many different programs, or at least OUP does. I have so many different passwords that I have to keep them written in my diary, and everything works differently so I have to remember so many shortcuts too! It’s been fun trying to figure everything out,  whether it’s using a program like Star to make changes to the website, or Percolate for all of our different social media channels; everything’s new and it’s been a fun challenge that I still haven’t mastered.

There are also a few things that I picked up from work experience that have definitely been useful. My ability to find the contact details for any journal definitely came in handy here, as OUP are making some big changes at the moment.  I’ve also loved being able to talk about publishing all the time, it feels so fantastic to finally be working in the industry that I love!

I wanted to add in some goals to work towards over the next five or so months, so here they are:

  • Attend a Society of Young Publishers event! I really wanted to make it to one before I entered the industry, but something always seemed to clash. I now live so much closer to London, so here’s hoping I actually manage to meet some more industry friends.
  • I want to have a better grasp on most of the publishing programs I need to be using. I’d be pretty surprised if this one didn’t happen, but I want to be confident in my role and the jobs that go with it.
  • Meet more people outside of my department. I want to be attending more events, and maybe join a club or two so I can actually meet humans outside of the Academic department. I don’t know anyone in Oxford so I feel like this is a pretty important step for me, and I need to push myself out of my comfort zone a little bit!

These are some pretty simple goals, but I think work is going to be pretty slow for the time being. It’s been a very gentle introduction to the industry, and that has definitely been good for my health.

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