My First Three Months in Publishing!

I promised I would keep you guys updated on my journey with Oxford University Press, and I’m trying to keep to it so here’s my three-month publishing update. It honestly doesn’t feel like I’ve been living in Oxford for this long, mostly because I haven’t managed to spend much time in the city the past three months. I’ve been bouncing back and forth between cons, Wales, and Oxford so I’ve only spent one weekend here since my last update; This meant I missed most of my self-set goals, but a lot has changed since we last talked publishing.Β Β 

I’ve been a busy little bee the past two months, and I’ve really started to get into the swing of things over at OUP. I think I may have mastered a fair few of the different systems and programs, as well as learning new ways to work with excel and word! 

I’ve been able to work on way more than just spreadsheets since we last talked (although they are still a big part of my week). I’ve been busily setting up email campaigns, that go out to academics around the world, and working with external designers on some pretty cool ads. I’ve also gotten assigned a day on one of our Twitter channels, so there’ll be some quality tweets coming to an OUP twitter channel near you! It’s definitely gotten more intense for me in the office, but that’s definitely been a good thing. 

Alongside the fun things, I’ve also had to work on a particularly dull project, which ended up really testing my love of the role. So this is just your casual reminder that no job is always fun, but you’ve got to take the good with the bad and I’m more than prepared to suck it up for publishing. 

After only managing to complete one of my goals from September, you would think I’d have the sense not to set any this time, but I’m going to anyway: 

  • Again, I’m featuring the SYP. I need to make it to one of their events before I write my six-month update. I want to meet more people in publishing, and I’d love to get more involved with helping others enter it. 
  • Explore Oxford. Yup, you heard me I still haven’t really looked around Oxford. I want to explore this lovely city a little more, so if you live in the vicinity and know of any cool things please recommend them to me.  
  • Pass my probation. Here’s another (hopefully) simple one. When I’m writing my six-month update I want to be able to tell you I’ve made it through probation; So here’s to a permanent role and a one month notice period. 

That’s all for this month! It’s still pretty slow over here but hopefully, I’ll have more exciting news for you next time. As always if you have any questions I’m incredibly active on Twitter, and that’ll be the best place to throw your questions at me!

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