My First Six Months in Publishing!

Hi, hello, wow has it really already been six months! What madness is this and how does time managed to move so quickly. Somehow it’s been half a year since I picked myself up and moved to Oxford for a job with Oxford University Press. It doesn’t feel like it’s been six months but I’ve been realising that the older I get the faster time flies so here we are.

A lot has happened since we last spoke, and oh boy have I gotten busy. I laugh at three months ago Nia who thought she was busy then, between the snow, sickness in the office, and a calendar packed with meetings I’ve been feeling the burn but I’ve loved it.

Plus I get to safely say I’ve passed my probation and am now a permanent member of this wonderful industry!

So the last time we spoke about OUP related things it was the end of November, and I wasn’t completely happy in my role. Spreadsheets haunted my dreams as I spent 7hrs a day updating our extensive review lists and working through a rather large backlog. Fortunately, this is all over and (kinda) done with now, and although my job still involves many a spreadsheet, I’m definitely getting the opportunity to really stretch my marketing legs.


This month was busy with your typical pre-new year panic. Everyone wanted everything finished before the end of 2018, and fortunately, with a bit of elbow grease, we managed to finish off most of the ongoing projects.

December did signal the end of our long-suffering backlog project and meant that I finally escaped my spreadsheet hell. I also finally got to do a little social media marketing through the OUP Philosophy twitter, it’s only one day a week but I love working out what’s going to bring in those clicks.

We also had the Academic Christmas party which was absolutely beautiful and had an open bar, so I may have gotten a little too drunk for a Thursday…


So conferences, if you didn’t already know, are a pretty huge part of Academic Marketing and January is a busy month over in humanities. I arranged the shipment of so many booklists, and then grabbed any missing copies from editorial and shipped those too! I was basically surrounded by heavy boxes full of books, but they all managed to get where they needed to go!

OUP also thrives on group inboxes and now two days a week I’m responsible for most of the emails that come into ours! This isn’t the most fun job, but it really made me feel responsible for my own little part of the company. It’s mostly dealing with review requests, the author requested updates to the website, and picking out review quotes for our titles so there’s always work to be done!

January was also the first month where I could actually plan out my workload, and felt genuinely busy and settled in. I had a lot more regular tasks with set deadlines, and more long-form projects to work on which has been really fun.


This post is getting very long, so I’ll keep this month short and sweet!

I now have a very consistent work week which is really nice, and I got to do even more interesting social media stuff. I finally got to code and schedule blog posts for the OUP blog, and it was nice to see how many of the skills I’ve picked up working on this blog have carried over.

It also snowed a whole lot so here are some pretty pictures of Oxford in the snow!!

Feeling settled in at work has been really nice, and although it took me a lot longer than I thought I finally feel like a real-life publishing person.

I always struggle to end these little update posts, but I’m feeling much better in my role and in Oxford, so here’s to being even happier and more productive in my year update!

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