Two Years in Publishing

So if you’ve followed along with these publishing posts about my little career journey you’ll know that I posted one called When to Quit two months ago, it was a difficult but important update, and I don’t normally do this but you should consider reading it before this one. It’s been an undeniably weird time and my plans were all but crushed because of it, but I was incredibly lucky that the ability to work from home wildly changed my circumstances and allowed me to stick around.

This does mean that I’ve given up my flat in Oxford, and am currently living and working back in Wales which has been a little strange! But I wanted to throw together some cute pictures of a few of my adventures in Oxford:

I’m going to use this post to give you less of an emotional update and more of an actual career update, along with talking about some of the reasons I decided to stick around. Hurrah for a more positive post! I’m also in the process of searching for my next publishing adventure, and I have to say it’s been more challenging that I thought (post on that coming soon), but let’s get on with my update.

In my Year One Update I talked about introducing #OnThisDay to one of our biggest social media channels, and the project I developed around it really became a feather in my hat. I took what was a project developed to increase our reach and expanded it! I started to include our online products like ODNB and OSO and introduced them to our audience with great success, it was wonderful seeing others engaging with our content and debating in the comments. This project also led to me doing my first solo presentation to both my team and our in-house social media team, transforming the project into a comparison with our competitors. I talked in my previous update about having to create opportunities for growth, and this was one that really opened things up for me. Shortly after this project ended I was given sole responsibility for our Religion channel, and the opportunity to start a social media audit so that I could increase the engagement with our content.

I also got to work on a few newsletters because of our new work from home situation, so suddenly I was involved with both the religion and the philosophy emails which was pretty fun. It really gave me a better understanding of how we pull together content be it around a particular theme or key title, and how creative we can be when it comes to getting our titles in front of the people who need ’em. Admin is obviously still an immense part of my job, as it is for most assistants, it’s a part of the job and I usually love trawling my way through a good spreadsheet. Fortunately, though the admin is definitely still there, it’s spread much more evenly after us hiring a wonderful new assistant last year!

As I said at the beginning, COVID-19 threw a lot of my plans into the wind, but what I didn’t mention was simultaneously my department was going through a restructure. This past three or four months have been rather intense, and since I was supposed to be leaving the team I was mapped into a different role. SO that means that right now I’m currently transitioning into my brand-new team, working on our online products. I’m still an Assistant, so no promotion for me, but it’ll really give me the opportunity to build on some of the campaign skills that I’m missing!

I’m still in that weird period at the start of a new job where I haven’t really done very much, but the potential for real growth and skill development is there. I’ll get to build on my coding skills, work directly on campaigns, and still have the opportunity to work with a fantastic social media channel. It has put me in a rather strange position though, as I still feel I’m ready to take that step up and face some brand-new challenges, so it’s a bit weird to be moving into a new team while looking for new opportunities but hey-ho.

Anyway, this is getting a little excessive so I’m going to leave this update here. It’s been a strange few months and not just because of covid, so I’m glad that I’ve somehow managed to land on my feet. As always take care of yourselves, and if you have any questions or would like to know more about either of my roles my contact info is here!

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