January Wrap Up ’21

Well this first month of the new year has been a wild mess to say the least. It’s taken me nearly the full month to really feel human again after my brush with COVID, and I’ve been struggling a lot with brain fog ever since. I did manage to read some wonderful books this month though, and got a rather good start on my Goodreads challenge for this year. There should be some rave reviews coming your way this month because everything I’ve picked up has been top notch, but that does mean the end of “Nia reads what she wants” January and the start of “Improve your Netgalley rating” February.

January has been a rather bookish month on the blog with no publishing posts in site! This blog has always been a book blog first so it’s been nice to take a break from writing about my career, and instead review some lovely books and talk about what I’m excited to read this year.

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Currently Reading

So I’m going to try my best to get through as many arcs as possible this month. I’m attempting to finish There’s No Such Thing as an Easy Job, but I have to say it may end up being a DNF as the eBook is so badly formatted that it’s making it difficult read. Hall of Smoke on the other hand I’m very excited to read, I mean who can resist Vikings.

To Be Read

My Netgalley backlog is full of really promising reads, and it was hard to choose just three to get started with! The Betrayals has been a part of my library for a while, and has definitely featured in this to be read section more than once, but I’m finishing it this month I swear. I loved Kingdom of Souls so much that when I got the email asking if I wanted to review the sequel I didn’t hesitate, Reaper of Souls should be excellent and I’m very excited. The Cup and The Prince is another book taking up a portion of my sweet Netgalley percentage, I requested it on a whim back in the summer and it’s been sitting there ever since! There’s also F/F February to consider so I may end up drifting away from this plan ever so slightly.

Well hopefully I’ll have some good news on the Netgally rating for you next time, and I’m definitely not doing this just so I can request more books…talk to you all next time!

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