Cosplay Wigs: Where to find ’em?

Woah a cosplay post! How crazy is this. I figured since we’re going to be locked-down for a little while, and I have significantly more time on my hands now I can’t socialise, that I’d bring you some cosplay content!

I thought it’d be good to start with a list of something that I consider rather essential! A good wig. They’re not always the comfiest thing to wear but a good wig can make or break a costume, as proven by how much I dislike my Cloud cosplay because I couldn’t manage to perfect the wig. The market is also pretty dang saturated with options; There are wigs on amazon, ebay, but also from mysterious online shops so hopefully this little post will de-mystify things a little.

This list will be more for people from the UK unfortunately! Although I’m sure most of these sellers will deliver all over the world.

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Building Big Wings…

My Hawks from BNHA cosplay build

So I did say I’d bring you some more quality cosplay content, and so here we are with my next big build. I’ve been wanting to cosplay some one from Boku no Hero Academia for the longest time, and Hawks was the first character that I desperately wanted to make after seeing his design.

I had a lot of help from my parents with this one as I was moving at the time, and my time had drastically decreased to next to nothing. We basically built these things in the week before Birmingham MCM, and it was absolute madness!

There are so many things to think about when you’re building a big cosplay prop, and especially when it’s protruding from your back. Initially I really wanted to have the open and closes using electric 6-inch actuators, but I did not have the time, money, nor the skill to make that happen in time for Birmingham…but maybe next time.

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MCM London October ’18 Wrap Up

So October has flown by, and contains one of the biggest events in my calendar MCM London! I did one of these summary posts last year, and a costume breakdown in May so I think I should continue the trend and talk about the largest con in the UK.

This year I rehashed a few costumes instead of bringing a brand new line-up. I love big builds but that just wasn’t going to happen for me this time, so instead I brought a few of my old favourites back to beef up my cosplans.

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Let’s talk about my Cloud build!

So it’s that time of year again, and it’s time for me to write an excessively long post about the most expensive con of the year!

This year I really cut back on my cosplays, no planning and making six different outfits for this gal, instead I decided to focus on one big beautiful cosplay; my favourite FFVII boy Cloud Strife.

This one was a real test for me as I wanted to make as much of it as I could, so I spent a good three months researching my methods and creating a pattern for a sword that’s bigger than I am! I made my first shoulder pauldron and gauntlet for this cosplay, and tried, and lets emphasise tried here, to make the spikiest wig from scratch.

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MCM London Wrap Up!

So it’s been a busy, busy month for me, and preparations for MCM London have taken over my life! So I wanted to write a little summary post to show everyone I wasn’t slacking…

This’ll probably be a long one, so if you don’t fancy reading all the text just scroll through and take a look at some of my snazzy con pictures.

Here’s a link to my dumb cosplay instagram, in case you want more of this weeb content.

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