Bimonthly Book Haul

Bi-monthly she said, well that didn’t happen did it. I went on a wildly unsuccessful book buying ban, and due to the country shutting down and my brush with Covid-19 I didn’t managed to read many books let alone buy ’em but now we’re back baby. This is going to be a bit of a long clean-up post so we can get back on track with this whole book haul thing, and so I can call myself out for buying books and then forgetting about them like a fool. There’ll also be no ARCs in this post because I did, somehow, manage to resist requesting advanced reader copies and I’m quite proud of myself!


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Women’s Prize for Fiction Longlist 2021: Book Haul

Recently I’ve been falling a little in love with literary fiction. I’m not usually the biggest fan, and I don’t normally review this genre on the blog, but lockdown has got me stepping outside my comfort zone. It all started with Boy Parts back in August (which I did review btw), then I went on to read Breasts and Eggs, and after the Women’s Prize for Fiction’s longlist was announced I figured I’d pick up a few of the nominated titles.

I decided I would pick the books based entirely on the blurbs, no reading other peoples reviews, so it would feel like I’d wandered into Waterstones and happened upon them. Is this the best way to buy books? maybe not, but it has made me really excited to sit down and fully immerse myself in their worlds. So, I figured I would make a little list of my purchases so you can see which blurbs ended up catching my eye, and what I’m planning on reading before they announce the winner in a few months. I may have already finished Luster and I’m about halfway through Detransition, Baby so I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to rise to this challenge!

Luster by Raven Leilani
White book cover with a picture of the lower half of a black woman's face, she is wearing read lipstick. 
White text reads: Luster
Orange text reads: Raven Leilani

Edie is just trying to survive. She’s messing up in her dead-end admin job in her all-white office, is sleeping with all the wrong men, and has failed at the only thing that meant anything to her, painting. No one seems to care that she doesn’t really know what she’s doing with her life beyond looking for her next hook-up. And then she meets Eric, a white, middle-aged archivist with a suburban family, including a wife who has sort-of-agreed to an open marriage and an adopted black daughter who doesn’t have a single person in her life who can show her how to do her hair. As if navigating the constantly shifting landscape of sexual and racial politics as a young black woman wasn’t already hard enough, with nowhere else left to go, Edie finds herself falling head-first into Eric’s home and family.

Goodreads: Luster by Raven Leilani

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Bimonthly Book Haul

It’s that time again, let’s talk about my newfound lockdown book buying addiction. That hit of dopamine that I get every time one arrives is just so good, and my new favourite addiction is Illumicrate and their gorgeous special editions; I’ve gone from owning none to owning four…and it hasn’t been too good for my wallet.

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Bimonthly Book Haul

I actually really enjoyed pulling together this post for June, and so, I figured I would do it again by combining July and August! Some of these you may have already seen (because I’ve already reviewed them), but I thought it would be fun to give you a sneak preview at some of my reading plans.


So after my thorough enjoyment of Boy Parts I desperately wanted to bring more literary fiction into my to be read, so I decided Breasts and Eggs would be next. I’m hoping to have the review for that & Midnight Sun up in the next few weeks!


I got approved for some really exciting books over the past few weeks, most of them I’ll be reading closer to their pub dates but holy moly am I excited. I may have already read Addie LaRue, but the review won’t come out until September, and if you had any doubts about pre-ordering you shouldn’t, the book is incredible.

Well that’s all for now folks! Take care of yourselves out there ❤

June Book Haul: aka Help This Got Out of Control

I never do book hauls, mostly because I buy a select few books a year and I rarely request arcs from publishers. This month is different, an accident happened.

The story begins with me requesting a few popular Netgalley arcs of books I was excited for but didn’t expect to actually be granted access to. Then, by some miracle, I was granted access and now I have three books coming out in the same month to read, and I’m officially a fool. The other two, fortunately, aren’t released for a little while yet so that’s something at least. I’m a NetGalley Nincompoop.
Before I was given ebooks of all the wonderful arcs listed below, I was also sucked into Waterstones’ double points game; now I’m the owner of four more beautiful books that I don’t have room for…and the foolishness continues.

Anyway here’s a list of what I picked up in June:

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My YALC Haul!

So alongside my little con summary post that I do for most of the conventions I attend, I figured I should probably do a summary of all the lovely books and samplers I managed to snag! I’ll admit I didn’t manage to get a hold of any arcs, but I’m still pretty happy with all the beautiful books I managed to spend my money on. There aren’t too many but I’m excited to read them all!


Woah there were so many of these up for grabs, and it’s such a cool way to test the waters when it comes to new releases! I think once I’ve finished ’em all I might do a little summary post of which ones I’m looking forward to.

Penguin Bingeable Box Set – This one included chapters from fifteen upcoming releases including Crossfire, American Royals, and the one I’m particularly excited to pick up Cursed.

Hot Key Books Sampler – Includes chapters from upcoming releases like S.T.A.G.S, Fight like a Girl, and Midnight’s Twins.

The Queen of Nothing – This one has the Prologue and first two chapters of the next instalment of Holly Black’s The Folk of the Air series.

Monstrous Heart – The first four chapters of Claire McKenna’s new book with Harper Voyager.

Chelsea High – includes the first five chapters of Jenny Oliver’s YA debut.

Books | Graphic Novels

I was so excited to leave with two graphic novels that I picked up on the Sunday, it was two for £10 and it was just too good to resist. One being Nick Drnaso’s Sabrina published by Granta Books, and the other is Emily Carroll’s Through the Woods published by Faber & Faber. Both books are absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to get stuck in!

I was trying really, really, hard not to pick up too many books because that reading slump has been hitting me hard lately. I did end up leaving with a couple of little gems that I’m excited to pick up later in the year!
S.T.A.G.S by M.A. Bennett and Lily’s Just Fine by Gill Stewart.

If you went to YALC what books did you manage to grab? I didn’t want to spend too much money, and I think I just about managed to stay on budget; but here’s to buying even more books next year!!