November Wrap Up ’20

Oh gosh, I feel like I start every wrap-up with this, but how the heck is it December already. This year has somehow managed to fly by and be so, so, slow at the same time, 2020 is just too powerful.

I’ve been struggling a little with reading this month, rather annoyingly. My ability to power through multiple books a month has vanished, and the couple of arcs I’ve started I’ve been struggling to finish. It’s so irritating because I’d been doing so well, but that seasonal depression has swung into action and taken away my drive. I will say that Christmas this year has made me feel better already, it’s wild because I’m not normally a festive person, but I think my brain is taking any hit of serotonin it can right now.

This month on the blog was pretty publishing focused due to Work in Publishing Week on twitter, so I focused my content around that! This includes a little video Q&A I did and uploaded to YouTube, I’m not an on-camera person and the video definitely reflects that, but I did enjoy talking to myself about publishing for a while. Oh, and I also attempted NaNoWriMo this month…it did not go well. Just like my reading I really struggled to sit down and write, so I lost momentum pretty quickly after week one and didn’t even hit 10,000 words. Sad times.
Anyway here’s my November content for your perusal:

October Wrap Up | Making a Sideways Move: Publishing
NaNoWriMo Week one | Imposter Syndrome: Publishing
Bimonthly Book Haul | Review: Cinderella is Dead

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Bimonthly Book Haul

I actually really enjoyed pulling together this post for June, and so, I figured I would do it again by combining July and August! Some of these you may have already seen (because I’ve already reviewed them), but I thought it would be fun to give you a sneak preview at some of my reading plans.


So after my thorough enjoyment of Boy Parts I desperately wanted to bring more literary fiction into my to be read, so I decided Breasts and Eggs would be next. I’m hoping to have the review for that & Midnight Sun up in the next few weeks!


I got approved for some really exciting books over the past few weeks, most of them I’ll be reading closer to their pub dates but holy moly am I excited. I may have already read Addie LaRue, but the review won’t come out until September, and if you had any doubts about pre-ordering you shouldn’t, the book is incredible.

Well that’s all for now folks! Take care of yourselves out there ❤

July ’20 Wrap Up

Hello my friends it’s that time of the month again, time to wrap up the month of July! This month has been chock full of content, and I’m actually kind of impressed that I actually managed to stick with what I planned to read. I got through more books than expected too, so if you want to check out a preview of what’s coming your way this month check out my post about what I read in July! I actually read so much that, in a dangerous move, I increased my Goodreads reading challenge…

Anyway, here’s all the content I posted this month:

June ’20 Wrap Up | Review: The Damned | Review: The Story of Silence
Review: Loveless | Review: If I Had Your Face | Books I Read in July
Cosplay Wigs: Where to find ’em? | Dealing With Rejection: Publishing

Currently Reading

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June ’20 Wrap Up

Hey-yo welcome to this months wrap-up, now with significantly more content on the blog! Remote working has really allowed me to give this place a lot of love, and I’ve been able to read more books and actually find the time to review ’em. This blog has definitely become a bit of a happy place for me, so thanks for continuing to read my ramblings!

Well any-ho here’s the content that appeared on the blog in June:

May ’20 Wrap Up | LGBTQ+ To Be Read | Review: Descendant of the Crane
Review: Ninth House | June Book Haul | When to Quit: Publishing Update

Currently Reading

So I’m on my way to finishing The Story of Silence with the review, hopefully, coming out on the 7th in time for the books publication! Loveless, on the other hand I’m just starting but I’d really love to get that review out for publication day too! It’s going to be a busy week on the blog.

July’s To Be Read

I want to read Vicious so badly but I feel like I’ve been making really good headway on my ARC collection, so I’ve got to get through a few of those first! I’m very, very excited to read Seven Devils so I many end up reading that first…

We’ll anyway that’s it for this month! Hopefully, it’ll all keep chugging along nicely this month, and I’ll talk to you all again in July ❤

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Five Books on My LGBTQ+ To Be Read

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a book list on this here blog, and so what better time than pride month! I’m going to highlight five LGBTQ+ books that I’m excited to pick up, but I’ll admit I had a rather hard time narrowing it down. I’ve gone for giving you guys some thoughts next to each book instead of a blurb, so click the Goodreads link if you want to know more about the five books below!

*I couldn’t resist throwing in some honourable mentions below, so enjoy some very pretty covers.

Laura Dean Keeps Breaking up with Me
Mariko Tamaki and Rosemary Valero-O’Connell

This one has been on my list for such a long time, and I missed a chance to grab it while in Orbital Comics in London and I still have a hefty amount of regret about it. I haven’t been able to find a hard-copy of this graphic novel since, and so I think I’ll have to cave and get it delivered! The blurb of this just really resonates with me, especially when it comes to finding the love you deserve!

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My best of 2019

So am I late posting this? Yes
Have I combined everything into one post so it’ll actually go up before the end of January? Yes
Have I vanished of the face of the earth? I wish. Anyway here’s some of my favourite books, films, and television that I got my hands on in 2019.


I’ve read a lot of really fantastic books this year, but here’s a few of my favorites. There’s unsurprisingly a whole lot of YA and fantasy, but for 2020 I really want to try and read outside my box! Anyone have any recommendations??

My best book of 2019 is still Bridget Collins’ The Binding. It’s an absolutely incredible fantasy, and the absolutely gorgeous hardback looks beautiful on my shelf.
The Raven Boys gets an honorable mention here as the biggest surprise of 2019. Such a bad blurb for such a good book…

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Tea and Comfort Reads

So if you’re anything like me you’ll have a few books that you have read so many times you can recite them word for word, and I often turn to these books in the hard times to remind me that you can make it through the hard times.

Some keep me motivated, pushing me to get what I want and stay on my path, and others just put a little joy in my heart. I have a special connection with these books, and go back to them so often that the spines are thoroughly broken! In this post I’m going to talk a little bit about the three books I go back to most, and try and explain why exactly they lift me and make me feel better about who I am.

(Just to make the title relevant my fave tea is English Breakfast!! Got to stick with a classic) 

Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

Amazon: UK|US

This book has been one of my favourites for a long, long time, and the copy that sits on my shelf is in tatters from travelling around with me so much. It’s my go to book whenever I’m feeling down, or trapped and always reminds me that so long as I keep moving I’ll get where I need to be. It pushes me to be a stronger person, and not get trapped doing what everyone else thinks is best for me. Sophie is a character I idolise, she escaped her fate as the eldest child, and becomes the woman she was always supposed to be; this growth is hard won and shows that personal growth isn’t always easy to obtain.

There’s also the fact that this book is so funny! It never fails to get a laugh out of me, and brightens my day when I’m feeling down. Howl and Sophie interacting never fails to make me giggle, and the book is just so full of good that I can never resist it.

Ouran High School Host Club by Bisco Hatori

Amazon: UK|US

So this manga has to make an appearance in this little list, as it’s something I go back to anytime I need a pick me up! It’s just so full of joy and silliness, but grows into something that’s so full of heart that you can’t help but love it.

The whole story honestly just makes me so happy, and I’ve read all eighteen volumes more times than I can count; it’s just so perfectly innocent and fun, with that touch of angst that every good story needs, I always end up going back to read it again. OHSHC picks up my mood when I’m feeling even the slightest bit sad, and always manages to make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Angel
Amazon: UK|US

The shadow hunter books were my teenage love that I left behind when I went off to university, but the Infernal Devices trilogy was the one aspect of that series that I couldn’t leave behind; I mean it’s Victorian steampunk shadow hunters, who could resist that!

I just love the world that this story is set in, you can feel the smog and darkness that covers London and it draws me in. Then there’s the characters, Will’s sass never fails to get a laugh out of me, Jem is just too good for this world, and Tessa’s character growth is beautiful. Clockwork Angel makes me forget my troubles with it’s gripping story, and wonderful characters; I honestly couldn’t ask for a better comfort read!



To Be Read List: September.

So I’ve set myself a rather small tbr list this month because I’ve been struggling to settle and just read recently, so I’m trying to be patient with myself and set achievable goals! Anyway here’s what I’m going to be reading this month!!

The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel


Amazon: UK|US

So I managed to snag this book on Netgally, and it’s had some pretty great reviews so I’m pretty excited to start it! It’s my only Netgally/ARC on my list this month, and it’s outside my usual genres so it should be fun.

 Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen by Takaya Kagami 


Amazon: UK|US












So the Seraph of the End manga is one of my favourites, and has been for a long while so when I saw they had begun releasing a novel about the time before the catastrophe I knew I had to have it. The story follows Guren and I can’t wait to knuckle down, and finally read something that I’ve had on my shelf for at least six months…

Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

Amazon: UK|US

I’ve wanted to read a Murakami book for so long, and this month is going to be the month! I have such a long to be read list and this is one I have had on my shelf for a shameful amount of time, but I’m so excited to read some contemporary Asian literature. I’m also so in love with the minimalist covers that Vintage have released for his novels, it honestly makes me want to collect them all!

The Emperor of the Eight Islands by Lian Hearn


Amazon: UK|US












So one of my closest friends bought me this for Christmas this year, after we both completely fell in love with the beautiful hardback. The book itself is just so gorgeous (even the paperback version is lovely), and then I read the blurb and discovered the story suits me down to the ground; I mean it’s set in feudal Japan, there’s magic, and intrigue so I’m already sold and I just can’t wait to read it. I love a great fantasy and the positive reviews on Goodreads have really made my excited to final read this.