March Wrap Up ’21

Somehow it is April, and I’m enjoying a much needed long weekend this bank holiday! I’ve actually been using this weekend to work on some cosplay stuff, which has been lovely, and playing a bit of Persona 4 Golden and Hades (again) rather than picking up a book. It’s nice to do other things sometimes right? I think I may be in a bit of a rut reading-wise, and I’m struggling to pick anything up after being so thoroughly gripped by Luster (review incoming) earlier in March. I’ve been reading some really punchy contemporary literary fiction lately and I think it’s hard for me to switch back to a young adult lit mentality, which is slightly ridiculous because I have read many fantastic YA books, but it’s the only thing I can think of that could cause it.

Anyway, onto the blog related stuff! I’m actually planning a bit of a publishing q&a post and I’ll be putting a call for questions up on twitter in a week or so, but if you’ve got a burning publishing question and you think I could answer it drop me an email over here. I also have a clutch of books I’ve read recently and just never reviewed, so I’m hoping to bombard you with reviews including my thoughts on Gideon the Ninth and A Touch of Darkness! But let’s get back to what went live in March:

February Wrap-up | Review: Reaper of Souls
My Webtoon Top Ten | One Year Working from Home

What I read in March

Okay, so I’m adding in a new segment to these posts to talk about what I read alongside what I plan on reading! I haven’t been good at reviewing everything that I’m reading each month, so I thought this would be a great way to let you guys know what could be coming your way. We can also be friends on Goodreads as that bad boy is usually completely up to date.

This month I managed to make it through four whole books! Gideon the Ninth, The Other Black Girl, Luster, and A Touch of Darkness, but I don’t want to spoil my upcoming reviews so I won’t say much more about these. The addition of a What I Read In… should really highlight my inhability to stick to any kind of plan when it comes to what I’m reading, and hopefully encourage me to pick up what I’d planned to read.

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March ’20 Wrap-up

I think this might be the hardest wrap-up I’ve ever had to write, I had so much to tell you but COVID-19 has left my life in limbo; I’ve been keeping so many secrets, making some big life decisions, and now it shall all have to stay secret a little while longer. Ah well on with the wrap-up, here’s the meager offering I made to you guys last month:

S.T.A.G.S Review | The Black Hawks Review

I’m very lucky to still be working from home right now, so I don’t have as much time to read as I’d like, but here’s what I’m planning on reading this month!

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March Wrap-up

How do these wrap-ups come round so fast! This one’ll be pretty short, mostly because not a whole lot happened, and I’m currently typing this with a beast of a head cold. I am not…

And here’s where this wrap-up ended because oh boy did this cold develop into an absolutely disgusting beast. I’m honestly still not 100% but if this goes on any longer there’ll be no wrap-up at all!!

There were a couple of cool posts this month, my personal fave being Five Beloved Childhood Books, I had so much fun writing that one and it let me re-read a series I’d completely forgotten about.
I also got to write my six months in publishing post which was pretty dang nice, and it feels pretty weird to say I’ve been an academic marketer for well over six months now! I’ve loved it so far, and hopefully I’ll have some more cool things to talk about in my one year update.

Feb Wrap-up | My First Six Months in Publishing | Sunday Book Crush | Review: Seige and Storm | Five Beloved Childhood Books | Review: The Selection

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