March Wrap Up ’21

Somehow it is April, and I’m enjoying a much needed long weekend this bank holiday! I’ve actually been using this weekend to work on some cosplay stuff, which has been lovely, and playing a bit of Persona 4 Golden and Hades (again) rather than picking up a book. It’s nice to do other things sometimes right? I think I may be in a bit of a rut reading-wise, and I’m struggling to pick anything up after being so thoroughly gripped by Luster (review incoming) earlier in March. I’ve been reading some really punchy contemporary literary fiction lately and I think it’s hard for me to switch back to a young adult lit mentality, which is slightly ridiculous because I have read many fantastic YA books, but it’s the only thing I can think of that could cause it.

Anyway, onto the blog related stuff! I’m actually planning a bit of a publishing q&a post and I’ll be putting a call for questions up on twitter in a week or so, but if you’ve got a burning publishing question and you think I could answer it drop me an email over here. I also have a clutch of books I’ve read recently and just never reviewed, so I’m hoping to bombard you with reviews including my thoughts on Gideon the Ninth and A Touch of Darkness! But let’s get back to what went live in March:

February Wrap-up | Review: Reaper of Souls
My Webtoon Top Ten | One Year Working from Home

What I read in March

Okay, so I’m adding in a new segment to these posts to talk about what I read alongside what I plan on reading! I haven’t been good at reviewing everything that I’m reading each month, so I thought this would be a great way to let you guys know what could be coming your way. We can also be friends on Goodreads as that bad boy is usually completely up to date.

This month I managed to make it through four whole books! Gideon the Ninth, The Other Black Girl, Luster, and A Touch of Darkness, but I don’t want to spoil my upcoming reviews so I won’t say much more about these. The addition of a What I Read In… should really highlight my inhability to stick to any kind of plan when it comes to what I’m reading, and hopefully encourage me to pick up what I’d planned to read.

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February Wrap Up ’21

Hi, hello, anyone actually ready for March yet? I cannot believe that February has been and gone, how has this happened. My office in Oxford closed officially on the 23rd of March, so it’s quickly becoming a whole year since I’ve sat at my desk at OUP and I miss seeing peoples faces. I love the freedom work from home has given me, lunch time naps have been a newfound ability that I love, but I miss my independence and friends.

The part I’m finding scariest, I suppose, is the worry of what the heck I’ll do when lockdown lifts and we’re free to move. Work from home allows me to live anywhere, but I’m so worried that moving away from the southeast will limit my career options. I really am hopeful that more publishing companies will be offering more remote opportunities at all levels, but the closer we get to even the vaguest hint of normal the less likely this seems. It’s a real shame because the industry has proved that it can function without forcing people to exist in London, but hey maybe they’ll get there eventually.

Anyway, lets end this little pity part and push on with the wrap-up. It was a quiet month on the blog, but here are the two lovely posts I published this month:

January Wrap-up | Review: Mexican Gothic
Prioritsing in Publishing: Trade, Impact, and Monograph

Currently Reading

My whole getting my “advanced reader copies read” thing didn’t really work out last month. I did manage to read Reaper of Souls though (review incoming), and I started a book I’ve been waiting forever to read Gideon the Ninth so hopefully that review will come out this month too! My copy of Klara and the Sun arrives this week too, I probably won’t be reviewing it but I’m so excited to read another Kazuo Ishiguro book.

To Be Read

So I need to carve out some real time this month to get through arc’s! This time we’re going to focus on Hall of Smoke and The Cup and the Prince, but I really want to make an earnest attempt at There’s No Such Thing as an Easy Job before I dnf it. Hopefully, my mental health will improve and we’ll be powering through books and reviews like a beast!

February has been a bit of a mess, but I’m hopeful that as we come out of the darker winter months I’ll feel much better. Vitamin D and longer days really do make me feel better and more productive, so look forward to more from me this month!

My 2021 Most Anticipated Reads

There are already so many exciting books that have been announced for 2021, it’s lovely to see so many interesting new stories coming out and so you know I just had to do a list. This list could honestly be so long but I’ve tried to keep it concise by only highlighting books coming out in the next six months, so here are just a few books that I’m really excited to read this year!

Persephone Station by Stina Leicht

Persephone Station, a seemingly backwater planet that has largely been ignored by the United Republic of Worlds becomes the focus for the Serrao-Orlov Corporation as the planet has a few secrets the corporation tenaciously wants to exploit.

Rosie—owner of Monk’s Bar, in the corporate town of West Brynner—caters to wannabe criminals and rich Earther tourists, of a sort, at the front bar. However, exactly two types of people drank at Monk’s back bar: members of a rather exclusive criminal class and those who sought to employ them.

Angel—ex-marine and head of a semi-organized band of beneficent criminals, wayward assassins, and washed up mercenaries with a penchant for doing the honorable thing—is asked to perform a job for Rosie. What this job reveals will affect Persephone and put Angel and her squad up against an army. Despite the odds, they are rearing for a fight with the Serrao-Orlov Corporation. For Angel, she knows that once honor is lost, there is no regaining it. That doesn’t mean she can’t damned well try.
Goodreads | Publishing 5th of January 2021

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June Book Haul: aka Help This Got Out of Control

I never do book hauls, mostly because I buy a select few books a year and I rarely request arcs from publishers. This month is different, an accident happened.

The story begins with me requesting a few popular Netgalley arcs of books I was excited for but didn’t expect to actually be granted access to. Then, by some miracle, I was granted access and now I have three books coming out in the same month to read, and I’m officially a fool. The other two, fortunately, aren’t released for a little while yet so that’s something at least. I’m a NetGalley Nincompoop.
Before I was given ebooks of all the wonderful arcs listed below, I was also sucked into Waterstones’ double points game; now I’m the owner of four more beautiful books that I don’t have room for…and the foolishness continues.

Anyway here’s a list of what I picked up in June:

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January Wrap-Up

Well, well, well, here we are again and how quickly time flies, I can’t believe it’s time for another update! This has been a bumper book month for me, I don’t know what’s happened but I’m devouring books like MacDonald’s chicken nuggets.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been a busy cosplay or social month; it’s been a lot of sleeping and whining about how dark it is. I always forget how much SAD effects me at this time of year, and I’ve been struggling with my motivation but it’s got to get better because I have some big plans.

Publishing-wise my six-month update should come out at the end of February, and I’ve done a few exciting things since we last spoke so it should be an interesting one. I’ve also started listening to Critical Role while I work, and I’ve never wanted to play D&D more.

Favourite Book of the Month

This book truly blew me away this month, and I highly recommend you pick up the gorgeous hardback edition.

My Review

Books I Finished in January

I did really, really well at the beginning of the month, but works has definitely gotten busier and I only seem to want to veg out on the sofa lately. Hopefully, I’ll be back to it next month because I’m trying very hard to avoid that oncoming slump!

Six of Crows | The Cruel Prince | The Binding | Crazy Rich Asians | Siege and Storm

Reading This Month

I’m currently digging into two YA heavy hitters, and I’ll be finishing Crooked Kindom first for obvious reasons! I seem to have fallen into a Leigh Bardugo shaped hole at the moment, but I can’t say I mind too much. I’ve also got a couple of arcs to get through and a few books from the library, so hopefully it’ll be another busy month of books.

I’m hoping to tackle more of my Goodreads to-be-read in February, and I’ll finally get my hands on my pre-ordered copy of Priory of the Orange Tree, so it’s safe to say I’m looking forward to next month!!

Sunday Book Crush!


Amazon: UK|US

I am so excited about this book! Just give me a beautiful fantasy in an East Asian setting and I am in. The book is a retelling of the Evil Queen legend, which means an anti-hero trying to become queen, or in this case empress and I can never resist a good complex protagonist.
The plot just sounds fantastic, and I can’t wait to read this as soon as possible! Plus all most every review I’ve read has been singing this books praises, so It’s definitely climbed my tbr list very quickly.

To Be Read List: September.

So I’ve set myself a rather small tbr list this month because I’ve been struggling to settle and just read recently, so I’m trying to be patient with myself and set achievable goals! Anyway here’s what I’m going to be reading this month!!

The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel


Amazon: UK|US

So I managed to snag this book on Netgally, and it’s had some pretty great reviews so I’m pretty excited to start it! It’s my only Netgally/ARC on my list this month, and it’s outside my usual genres so it should be fun.

 Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen by Takaya Kagami 


Amazon: UK|US












So the Seraph of the End manga is one of my favourites, and has been for a long while so when I saw they had begun releasing a novel about the time before the catastrophe I knew I had to have it. The story follows Guren and I can’t wait to knuckle down, and finally read something that I’ve had on my shelf for at least six months…

Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

Amazon: UK|US

I’ve wanted to read a Murakami book for so long, and this month is going to be the month! I have such a long to be read list and this is one I have had on my shelf for a shameful amount of time, but I’m so excited to read some contemporary Asian literature. I’m also so in love with the minimalist covers that Vintage have released for his novels, it honestly makes me want to collect them all!

The Emperor of the Eight Islands by Lian Hearn


Amazon: UK|US












So one of my closest friends bought me this for Christmas this year, after we both completely fell in love with the beautiful hardback. The book itself is just so gorgeous (even the paperback version is lovely), and then I read the blurb and discovered the story suits me down to the ground; I mean it’s set in feudal Japan, there’s magic, and intrigue so I’m already sold and I just can’t wait to read it. I love a great fantasy and the positive reviews on Goodreads have really made my excited to final read this.