May ’21 Wrap Up

It’s June and the weather is finally getting a little better and now I’m too hot, I’m nothing if not consistently British in my ability to complain about our weather. It’s been a weird month, we’ve gotten a whole heap of freedoms back but I find myself rather reluctant to do anything, but I did make it out on my roller skates a couple of times and my ice-skating past really did me a solid.

I read a whole heap of books this month too, or at least a heap for me, and I actually made it through half of the books I bought in a moment of mad kindle panic. It has been a little light on the posts this month though, and there are a few different reasons for that, but I’m going to attempt to bring you some publishing content this month!

April ’21 Wrap Up | Bimonthly Book Haul | Review: Rule of Wolves
Review: Threadneedle

What I read in May

I read a lot of really good books this month. I think at least four of these ended up being five star reads and I like to think I’m pretty picky, but it was lovely to dig into so many good stories across a range of genres.

The review for Blackheart Knights should come out shortly, and it’ll be no surprise that a girl that wrote her whole dissertation around Arthurian myth loved it. My review of the witchy fantasy Threadneedle is already up, and I think I’m going to attempt to combine my thoughts on the Feverwake duology so look forward to that!

Covers from left to right*
Idol by Kristen Callihan | The Poppy War by R. F. Kuang | Threadneedle by Cari Thomas | Red, White, & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston
| The Fever King by Victoria Lee | The Electric Heir by Victoria Lee | Klara and The Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro | Blackheart Knights by Laure Eve

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April ’21 Wrap Up

So here we are another month another wrap-up. Lock-down is lifting but I still find myself reluctant to leave the house, I’m not quite ready to test my rocky social skills on acquaintances and strangers, but this is causing a fair bit of fomo and I could really do without it. I did buy a pair of quad-rollerskates though in an effort to try and bring some sort of exercise back into my life, I wish I could bring back the head-space that had me loving the gym back in February 2020 but we’re going to try learning something new instead. I’ll keep you guys updated on my progress!

Post-wise I actually posted more than normal this month, hurrah for a busy month! I’ve updated the Publishing Work Experience Master Post, alongside all the loveliness below so don’t forget to take a look at that too.

March Wrap-up ’21 | Women’s Prize Book Haul | Review: A Touch of Darkness
Review: Gideon the Ninth | Review: King of Scars

What I read in April

Can you tell that Rule of Wolves and the Shadow and Bone Netflix series came out this month because I can. Basically, I put everything off and re-read the Shadow and Bone trilogy and the Nikolai Duology, and if I’m honest I might get through the Six of Crows duology next month because who cares about my to be read. It’s been nice to be back in this world with some of my favourite characters and these books are just so easy to read.

The nice part is that I made it through both my currently reading books for this month! Detransition, Baby and A Dark and Hollow Star were two very different books and hopefully my reviews of each book with show up next month.

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January Wrap Up ’21

Well this first month of the new year has been a wild mess to say the least. It’s taken me nearly the full month to really feel human again after my brush with COVID, and I’ve been struggling a lot with brain fog ever since. I did manage to read some wonderful books this month though, and got a rather good start on my Goodreads challenge for this year. There should be some rave reviews coming your way this month because everything I’ve picked up has been top notch, but that does mean the end of “Nia reads what she wants” January and the start of “Improve your Netgalley rating” February.

January has been a rather bookish month on the blog with no publishing posts in site! This blog has always been a book blog first so it’s been nice to take a break from writing about my career, and instead review some lovely books and talk about what I’m excited to read this year.

2020 Wrap Up | Best of 2020 | Review: Piranesi
2021 Most Anticipated | Review: These Violent Delights

Currently Reading

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My 2021 Most Anticipated Reads

There are already so many exciting books that have been announced for 2021, it’s lovely to see so many interesting new stories coming out and so you know I just had to do a list. This list could honestly be so long but I’ve tried to keep it concise by only highlighting books coming out in the next six months, so here are just a few books that I’m really excited to read this year!

Persephone Station by Stina Leicht

Persephone Station, a seemingly backwater planet that has largely been ignored by the United Republic of Worlds becomes the focus for the Serrao-Orlov Corporation as the planet has a few secrets the corporation tenaciously wants to exploit.

Rosie—owner of Monk’s Bar, in the corporate town of West Brynner—caters to wannabe criminals and rich Earther tourists, of a sort, at the front bar. However, exactly two types of people drank at Monk’s back bar: members of a rather exclusive criminal class and those who sought to employ them.

Angel—ex-marine and head of a semi-organized band of beneficent criminals, wayward assassins, and washed up mercenaries with a penchant for doing the honorable thing—is asked to perform a job for Rosie. What this job reveals will affect Persephone and put Angel and her squad up against an army. Despite the odds, they are rearing for a fight with the Serrao-Orlov Corporation. For Angel, she knows that once honor is lost, there is no regaining it. That doesn’t mean she can’t damned well try.
Goodreads | Publishing 5th of January 2021

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2020 Wrap Up

This year has been a wild one to put it mildly, and I’ll be getting into my best of 2020 in another post, so this’ll be a little more personal. It’s been a rather wild month and my content shows it because, well, I haven’t posted anything since the beginning of the month. This is due to a wide variety of things including a hectic work schedule, but mostly due to the fact that I finally ended up catching COVID-19.

Just in case you were wondering COVID sucks. I caught it just before my Christmas holidays and I was laid out for eight days, I had none of the usual symptoms but luckily I haven’t left the house in weeks. My mum is a key worker in our local hospital so it was pretty inevitable with this more infectious strain making it’s way through Wales right now, but we’re all fine and you can look forward to my triumphant return to blogging this month.

This year has brought one good thing though and that’s this blog. It’s been an amazing year for growth on Nia’s Book Fort, and I’m really proud of myself for everything this year has brought. We tripled last years views and I’ve posted more than ever! I got to really start posting about publishing and my career alongside the usual bookish things, and it’s been amazing to hear from the people I’ve helped with my efforts. All in all when it comes to this place, I’m so proud of everything we’ve achieved together. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my posts, and I have a few tentative plans for 2021 so hopefully you’ll all stick around!

Well anyway, here’s the the rather sad amount of content that I created in December:

November 2020 wrap-up | Work in Publishing Week: Fave posts

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October Wrap Up ’20

Well hello there welcome back to the post that tells you what I’ve been up to! I’ve sadly not been up too much if I’m honest, work has been absolutely wild, and so blogging and reading has fallen a bit off my radar; I did end up reading the entirety of the All for the Game series in three days, but we’ll just forget about that.

I’m going to attempt Nanowrimo again this year, so if you’d like to be buddies or something click here. I’m writing a little anthology of horror short stories in the hope that writing five 10,000+ word narratives will hold my attention, I’ve only made it past 10,000 words once so…wish me luck.

There’ll also be some publishing posts on the blog next week! I will finish my post on imposter syndrome if it kills me, and I’m working on a post exploring my recent sideways move into a new Marketing Assistant role. Anyway here’s what appeared on the blog this month:

September wrap-up | Books I read in September | Review: Addie LaRue
Review: Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me
Five Popular Trilogies I Haven’t Read | Review: Into the Drowning Deep

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September ’20 Wrap up

Hello again friends! I took a week off which is why this post is coming at you a little late, because ho-boy has September been exhausting. I’ve just made a side-ways move into a different team within my department, which has been the strangest experience. I’m still working with all the same people but on completely different things, and there’s been bit of a learning curve that’s come with it. I’m also in an area that’s currently in local lock-down so I’ve had to stop a lot of the fun stuff I’d been doing lately. No bouldering, and I’ve reluctantly been avoiding the gym to prevent accidentally infecting my parents. It’s the indefinite feeling that has made this particular iteration of “lock-down” worse for me, and I think this will likely be part of our so called “new normal” for a while yet.

I do have some good news that I wanted to share though! This month I was on the SYP Oxford podcast talking all things rejection with the wonderful Charlotte and Caroline. I think it’s a really important episode as it’s something almost everyone in publishing (and outside of it) will have to experience, perseverance is key my friends! You can listen to the episode here and on Spotify

Well, here’s what I posted this month:

August ’20 Wrap up | Two Years in Publishing | Review: Midnight Sun
Review: The Ghost Tree | Review: The Dragon of Ynys
Remote Interviews: Publishing Edition

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August ’20 Wrap Up

Hi again! I’m back to wrap-up the month and I can’t really believe we’re so close to 2021 now; this year has somehow managed to feel like the longest, and still fly by at a rip roaring pace. One of the few positives of being trapped at home for an extended period has been the amount of time I’ve been able to put into this blog lately! I’ve actually been considering paying for the domain, so if anyone had any advice when it comes to wordpress premium I’d be grateful for it.

Any-ho here’s what showed up on the blog this month:

Books I Read in July | July ’20 Wrap Up | Review: Seven Devils
Review: Boy Parts | Review: Orphanage of the Gods
Salaries on your Job Ads | Bimonthly Book Haul | Books I Read in August

Currently Reading

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July ’20 Wrap Up

Hello my friends it’s that time of the month again, time to wrap up the month of July! This month has been chock full of content, and I’m actually kind of impressed that I actually managed to stick with what I planned to read. I got through more books than expected too, so if you want to check out a preview of what’s coming your way this month check out my post about what I read in July! I actually read so much that, in a dangerous move, I increased my Goodreads reading challenge…

Anyway, here’s all the content I posted this month:

June ’20 Wrap Up | Review: The Damned | Review: The Story of Silence
Review: Loveless | Review: If I Had Your Face | Books I Read in July
Cosplay Wigs: Where to find ’em? | Dealing With Rejection: Publishing

Currently Reading

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June ’20 Wrap Up

Hey-yo welcome to this months wrap-up, now with significantly more content on the blog! Remote working has really allowed me to give this place a lot of love, and I’ve been able to read more books and actually find the time to review ’em. This blog has definitely become a bit of a happy place for me, so thanks for continuing to read my ramblings!

Well any-ho here’s the content that appeared on the blog in June:

May ’20 Wrap Up | LGBTQ+ To Be Read | Review: Descendant of the Crane
Review: Ninth House | June Book Haul | When to Quit: Publishing Update

Currently Reading

So I’m on my way to finishing The Story of Silence with the review, hopefully, coming out on the 7th in time for the books publication! Loveless, on the other hand I’m just starting but I’d really love to get that review out for publication day too! It’s going to be a busy week on the blog.

July’s To Be Read

I want to read Vicious so badly but I feel like I’ve been making really good headway on my ARC collection, so I’ve got to get through a few of those first! I’m very, very excited to read Seven Devils so I many end up reading that first…

We’ll anyway that’s it for this month! Hopefully, it’ll all keep chugging along nicely this month, and I’ll talk to you all again in July ❤

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